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Advocate – June 2019

E-Advocate: MTEA Wins Salary Schedules for all Job Classes
MPS Passes Amended 2019-20 Budget | The Outlook for Remaining MTEA Demands | People’s Budget Update | MTEA Job Posting Teaching & Learning Organizer | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – May 2019

E-Advocate: MTEA members join May Day March for the People’s Budget | 2019-2020 MPS Budget Released | New School Board Directors Sworn In | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

TEAM April 2019

Advocate – April 2019

E-Advocate: Clean Sweep! MTEA School Board Slate Wins All 5 Races | State Budget Update | May Day: Day of Action at the Capitol | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – March 2019

E-Advocate: MTEA Meet & Confer Update | Final Canvasses Before April 2 Spring Election | Reminder: MTEA Election Timeline | Licensing Support After Spring Break | MTEA Endorsed School Board Candidates | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – February 2019

E-Advocate: MTEA Announces Endorsements | Canvassing in School Board District 8 | Updated MTEA Officer, Executive Board Election | Candidates for MTEA Officer | Exec. Board Seats | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – January 2019

E-Advocate: A Look Back at 2018 and A Look Forward to 2019 | License Background | Union Dues No Longer Tax Deductible | Election Notice to Members | Call for Constitutional Amendments | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – December 2018

E-Advocate: Meet and Confer | Lesson Plan & EE FAQs | HS Exec. Board Vacancy | Vision Screenings | Upcoming Events

Advocate – November 2018

E-Advocate: Election Victories | Recert Midpoint | Leadership Visits | BLM Week of Action | Upcoming Events

Advocate – October 2018

E-Advocate: Vote Nov. 6 | Vote YES to Recertify MTEA | Dr. King Writing Contest | Early Childhood Exec. Board Vacancy | Upcoming Events

Advocate – September 2018

E-Advocate: GOTV | MTEA Victory for Students | Upcoming Events

Advocate – August 2018

E-Advocate: Starting MTEA Strong | Two New Community Schools | MTEA Black Caucus | North Division School Supplies | Reducing Paper Waste

Advocate – May 2018

E-Advocate: “What it Takes” to Win for our Students | Highlights from the 2018 WEAC Representative
Assembly | New MEAA and MSTA leaders take office June 7 | Are you retiring? | Upcoming Events | MTEA Emails

Advocate – April 2018

E-Advocate: Join the Fight for Our Students & Our Schools! | Vote April 16-20 in the MTEA EA and Substitute Elections | MTEA selected to receive the NEA 2018 Rosena J. Willis Memorial Award | Update Contact Info | Spring Election Results Shift Momentum Towards Progressives | Upcoming Events

Advocate – March 2018

E-Advocate: Welcome Local 150 | West Virginia Teachers | Mobilizing | Stay Connected | Vote April 3 | Upcoming Events

Advocate – February 2018

E-Advocate: MTEA BLM Week | Reclaiming Our Time | WEAC Delegate Ballots | Deducting Dues | Upcoming Events | Labor Notes Conference | New MTEA T-shirts!

Advocate – January 2018

E-Advocate: It’s Time for Privately Operated MPS Charter Schools to Pay Their Fair Share | Substitute Teacher Members Turn up the Heat for Healthcare | Deducting Union Dues on your Income Taxes | Special Notice to MTEA Educational Assistant and Substitute Unit Members Officer and Council Seats up for Election | Reminder: Early Retirement Window Notification Deadline Jan. 31 | Upcoming Events

Advocate – December 2017

E-Advocate: Fighting Together to Win Victories for our Classrooms | Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Honor Contest Winners January 14 | Professional Development this Winter at MTEA | Early Retirement Window Notification Deadline Jan. 31 | Understanding Short-Term Disability Options | Holiday Office Hours | Upcoming Events | Are you Saving Enough? | Update Contact Info

Advocate – November 2017

E-Advocate: Bargaining & Meet and Confer Survey | Recertification | Safety & Climate in Our Schools | Dr. M.L. King Jr. Contest | Vision Screenings | Upcoming Events

Advocate – October 2017

E-Advocate: Gearing up to WIN Recertification | Pack the MPS Budget Hearing | Dr. M.L. King Jr. Writing Contest | MTEA Safety & Discipline Committee | Stay Connected | Upcoming Events

Advocate – September 2017

E-Advocate: DACA | Summer Organizers | Recertification | Recess | Nurses Advisory Session | Welcome Ben Ward | Welcome Andrea Loss | Upcoming Events |Stay Connected

Advocate – August 2017

E-Advocate: Welcome Back | Support for New Teachers | EA President | Upcoming Events | Stay Connected

Advocate – June 2017

E-Advocate:  MPS Budget | School Board Phone Numbers | Thank You, John | Summer PD | WEA Member Benefits | MTEA Summer Hours | Summer Organizers | Upcoming Events | Update Your Info

Advocate – May 2017

MPS Budget | MTEA Leaders | Health Food and Clean Water | Building Committee | Summer PD | Upcoming Events | Are you Retiring?

TEAM April 2017

Advocate – March 2017

Vote April 4 | Principal Survey | Sanctuary District | Deducting Dues on Income Taxes | Upcoming Events | Stay Connected

Advocate – February 2017

Elections | Welcome Green Bay Avenue | Art Build | Upcoming Events | Stay Connected

Advocate – January 2017

President’s Letter | Jan. 19 National Day of Resistance | MTEA Elections | Deducting Union Dues on Taxes | Milwaukee Art Build for Public Education | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – December 2016

We Need Time to Teach! | Continue to Call School Board Members on Calendar Proposal | Fall Organizers Strengthen MTEA Membership | Professional Development this Winter at MTEA | January 15 Event to Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Honor Contest Winners | Holiday Office Hours | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info | Are You Saving Enough?

Advocate – November 2016

Teachers Need TIME to teach Student needs must come first | Vote YES to Recertify MTEA by Nov. 16 at Noon! | The Center for Teaching and Learning Awarded Grant to Establish Community School Institute Model | Free Glasses for our Students | Teacher Tentative Agreement Passes | Dr. Martin Luther King Writing Contest Deadline Nov. 14 | Upcoming Events | Update Contact Info

Advocate – October 2016

Vote YES to Recertify our Union Oct. 27 – Nov. 16 | Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing Contest | Volunteers Needed to get out the ‘Public Education Vote’ | MTEA Members Led Our Largest City-wide Walk-In Oct. 6 | Upcoming Events | Stay Connected

Advocate – September 2016

Oct. 6 National Day of Action | EAs and Bookkeepers Win Raise; Teacher Negotiations are Next | Vote for Our Union Oct. 27 – Nov. 16 | Teacher Planning Time Victories | Upcoming Events | Stay Connected

Advocate – August 2016

Welcome Back | National Day of Action – Oct. 6 | Labor Day | Libby Mitten Retires | Fall PD | Upcoming Events | Changed Banks, Moved or Switched Positions?

Advocate June 2016

Summer Heats Up | Our Children are Worth? | Summer Organizers | Summer PD | Dues Withdrawals | Moving, Retiring, or Resigning | MTEA Summer Hours | Upcoming Events

Advocate May 2016

Resist the Takeover | Summer PD | Principal Survey | New Leaders | Final Workday | Final Biweekly Deductions | Upcoming Events | Going on Leave, Resigning, or Retiring

Advocate April 2016

General Election Victories | MTEA Internal Elections | Hiring Summer Organizers | Excessing | Communications Director | Teacher Raises | Tax Deductions | Upcoming Events | Going on Leave, Resigning, or Retiring

TEAM EA Election – April 2016

TEAM Substitute Election – April 2016

Advocate March 2016

Vote for Chris Larson | The Power of 5 | Early Voting | Excessing | Disability Open Enrollment | Thank you Kelley! | Raises | Deducting Dues | Upcoming Events

Advocate February 2016

Show Your Love For Public Schools Week of Action Feb. 14-20; Vote Feb. 16: Chris Larson for County Exec, Deducting Union Dues on Your Income Taxes; MTEA Recommendations for Local Office; Photo IDs Required to Vote Feb. 16 and Apr. 5; Open Position on MTEA Executive Board; MTEA Seeks Teaching and Learning Director; Stay Connected; and Upcoming Events

Advocate January 2016

Tentative Agreement Reached in Teacher Unit Contract, Nationwide Walk-in for Public Schools Feb. 17; Deducting Union Dues on Your Income Taxes; Take the MTEA Student Discipline Survey; Photo IDs Required in Feb. 16 Primary Election; Vote Now on Candidate Endorsements for Spring Elections in Milwaukee; Stay Connected; and Upcoming Events

Advocate November 2015

Prep Time Fight; Teacher Unit Bargaining Now Underway; Recertify the MTEA; Partnership Provides Free Glasses for Students; School Board Votes to Install Carmen at Pulaski; Do You Need Help With Student Loans?; Stay Connected; and Upcoming Events

Advocate October 2015

Teacher Unit Bargaining Update; School Defense Committees; Vote Yes to Recertify; Stand Up for Pulaski; Executive Board Election Results; Building Committee Implement 45-minute Lunch; Stay Connected; and Upcoming Events

TEAM Election Publication – September 2015

Advocate – August 2015

EAs and Bookkeepers Win Raise, Teachers Negotiations Next; No Takeover; Organize a Walk-in; New to MPS? Get Help and Support; Organize a School Defense Committee; Stay Connected; Celebrate Labor Day; and Upcoming Events

Advocate – May 2015

MPS Budget Hearing; MPS Takeover Plan; Job Placement for 2015-16; New MTEA Leaders; Student Loans; Retiring or Resigning; Summer PD; and Upcoming Events

Advocate – April, 2015

Leader Elections; MPS Board Considers Budget; Interviews and Principal Survey; Standardized Test and Opting Out; Building Committee; and Upcoming Events

Advocate – March 2015

March 18 & 20: Support Public Education; What do the Budget Cuts Mean for my School?; Vote April 7; MTEA Leaders Elections; School-based Interviews & Excessing; Improving Infinite Campus & Grading; Spring Break Hours; and Upcoming Events

Advocate – February 2015

Community Vows to Fight Budget Cuts, Privatization; What Can You do to Support Public Schools; Walker Budget Takes Aim at Our Students; Short Term Disability Open Enrollment in March; MTEA Representation on ETF Board; and Upcoming Events

Advocate – January 2015

The fight is on: No more school takeovers!; Save Public Schools! Community Strategy Session; EA campaign update; Considering retirement?; Jan. 18 event to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., honor contest winners; Upcoming events; and Tech support

Advocate – December 2014

Professional development this winter at MTEA; MTEA leader elections this April; All MTEA units recertify; Little free library; The fight continues for educational assistants; Free glasses and books for our students; Holiday office hours; Update contact info; and Upcoming events

Advocate – November 2014

Vote YES for collective bargaining to recertify the MTEA; How to vote YES to recertify the MTEA; Planning time victory; Sid Hatch award; Raise Up Educational Assistants; Don’t mourn, organize; Upcoming events, Requesting a sub; and Update contact info

Advocate – October 2014

Vote Twice in November: Governor and Recertification Photo IDs not needed in Nov. 4 election; More time needed for state and district mandates; Recertify our union November 5-25; Health insurance plan changes; Same-sex marriage insurance benefit changes; 2014 Combined Giving Campaign ends Nov. 7; Upcoming events; and Update contact info

Advocate – September 2014

MTEA in full swing for Nov. 4 governor election; Submit documents by Sept. 30 to ensure correct pay; Volunteer Power!; MTEA members celebrate Labor Day 2014; Teacher evaluation: Get ready for 2014-15; Easy new method withdraws dues on payday Fridays; and Upcoming events

Advocate – August 2014

MTEA member power key in Governor’s race; Who says educators don’t work in the summer?; MTEA by the numbers; Easy new dues payment; Professional support for Educator Effectiveness; Compensation update: Review your paychecks carefully this fall; and Upcoming events