Wendell Harris Must Issue Apology for Fake Endorsement Letter

Monday night, MPS board member and private charter apologist Wendell Harris issued a video statement on his personal Facebook page announcing that Governor Tony Evers has decided “to stay neutral” in the MPS District 2 election. On April 2, Harris faces a strong challenge from retired Neeskara kindergarten teacher Erika Siemsen, a strong supporter of public schools.\

It is very unusual for a candidate to go out of their way to announce they have failed to earn the support of a prominent leader. So why would Wendell Harris do this?

Earlier this month, Wendell Harris got caught lying. In a letter soliciting campaign contributions, Harris claimed “Our new Governor and Lieutenant Governor are strong supporters of public education. They are also supporting my campaign for re-election. ”

Representatives for the governor and lieutenant governor confirmed that they had not, in fact, issued an endorsement. More than two weeks after he was caught in his lie, this bizarre video on his personal Facebook page was the best Harris could do to set the record straight. That’s not good enough.

Wendell Harris should issue a public apology and send a corrected letter, with an apology, to the same group of people he told this lie to, ensuring each of them has the same opportunity to learn the truth as he gave them to believe his lie.