Milwaukee Marches for Justice on May Day

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“Say it loud! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here!”

Well over thirty thousand students, immigrants, refugees, and workers made a powerful statement on May Day in Milwaukee. The daylong general strike and march, dubbed a Day Without Latinos, called on participants to cease working, shopping, or attending school to cast light on several key issues:

  • Stop Anti-Immigrant State Legislation
  • Allow Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants
  • Fire Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
  • No 287g (Bill would deputize sheriff officers as ICE agents)
  • Stop Trump’s War & Deportation Budget
  • Health Care for All
  • Fully Funded Public Schools
  • Living Wage Jobs

The day started when Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES) students from Racine, Wisconsin joined YES students at South Division High School walking out and rallying outside the school (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Racine Horlick student Fernanda Elena Jimenez spoke to students outside South Division High School (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Students held their fists up in the air during student speakers (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Students and supporters took a group photo (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

After rallying, students marched to Voces de la Frontera where they met up with the larger march (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The crowd swelled quickly at Voces de la Frontera (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Attendees sprinted under massive parachute banners as they were thrusted up into the air (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

A young signholder along the march route (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The front banners position themselves in preparation for the beginning of the march (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Students lead the way to start the march to the Milwaukee County Courthouse (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The parachute banners provided beautiful visuals and fun for families along the march route (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

A family walks in front of a “No 287g” parachute banner (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Students help carry a parachute banner a “Keep Families Together” message (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

A view of the march heading up Wells Street to the Milwaukee County Courthouse (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The march arrived at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, where a parachute banner was laid down on the courthouse lawn (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Student rally on the steps of the courthouse (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The energy and intensity of Monday’s march and strike demonstrated clearly the people are ready to fight for Wisconsin families and students. Let’s make those in power listen!

Can You Hear Us Now!

Students Ready to March on May Day from MTEA Union on Vimeo.

Voces de la Frontera Delivers Demands to Governor Walker

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“Walker, escucha, estamos en la lucha!” (English translation:“Walker, listen, we’re in the fight/struggle.”)

Voces de la Frontera executive director Christine Neumann-Ortiz delivers over 10,000 signatures to Governor Walker’s office demanding the firing of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

The immigration rights advocacy group Voces de la Frontera delivered over 10,000 signatures and three demands to Governor Walker’s Capitol office Monday morning.

• Fire Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke
• Block anti-sanctuary legislation
• Support driver licenses for immigrants

After delivering the petition and demands the group held three different 24-foot parachute banners in the stairwell over Walker’s office.

Massive 24-foot parachute banners were unfurled in the stairwell over Governor Walker’s office (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

Photo credit: Joe Brusky

Photo credit: Joe Brusky

Voces de la Frontera is organizing a nationwide strike for May Day and will be holding a march in Milwaukee on Monday, May 1 beginning at 11:00am. Please join the march if you can! Here’s how you can help.


Photo credit: Joe Brusky

Photo credit: Joe brusky

Voces de la Frontera Delivers Demands to Governor Walker from MTEA Union on Vimeo.

Make MPS a real “Sanctuary School District”

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As educators we know that schools should be safe places for ALL students. Yet, under the Trump administration, our students and their families are living with the fear of being torn apart at any moment.
MTEA is joining with our students organized in Youth Empowered in the Struggle to defend against attacks on immigrant communities. We are gathering signatures in support of a school board resolution that would make MPS a sanctuary district.
As a sanctuary district, MPS will not:
• Cooperate with ICE
• Allow ICE on school premises
• Share students’ confidential information.
PetitionA resolution put forth by school board directors Larry Miller and Tatiana Joseph will be before a school board committee on March 23. If it passes committee the resolution will move to the full board meeting for a vote on March 30, so please be prepared to attend this meeting in support.
If  you are interested in circulating a petition in support of the proposed resolution you can download the petition tear off card  or sanctuary petition and return sign copies to the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association office located at 5130 W. Vliet St. or the Voces de la Frontera office located at 1027 S. 5th St.
You can sign a petition in support below: