MTEA Bumper Sticker Design Contest

The Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association is holding a design contest to create a new MTEA bumper sticker. Anyone can submit a design for consideration to be made into a bumper sticker. The design must meet the following parameters to be considered and to be eligible for the winning prize:

Design Parameters:

• Design can be done digitally or on paper and must include the name “MTEA” or “Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association” on it.

• Design must be in the color(s): Red, Green, Blue

• Design must fit the size dimension of 3 inches x 11.5 inches

Must be submitted in-person to MTEA (5130 W. Vliet St.) or sent electronically to no later than 5pm January 15, 2020.

• In addition to design please include: name, email address, phone number, and please indicate whether you’re a student or educator

Winner Will Receive:

• $50 cash prize

• One MTEA green hooded sweatshirt and choice of two MTEA t-shirts in our store (size permitting)

Sample Slogans:

• Red For Ed

• Union Proud

• Union Strong

• I’m Sticking with My Union

• MTEA – Here to Stay

• MTEA: The ❤️ of Milwaukee

• Support Public Education

• Union Strong All Day Long

Winner will be judged by a panel of MTEA leadership and MPS union art teachers