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2017 WEAC Endorsed State Superintendent Candidate Tony Evers & MTEA Endorsed School Board Candidates:

Spring Primary – Tues., February 21, 2017
Spring General Election – Tuesday, April 4, 2017

WI State Superintendent 

Dr. Tony Evers

Tony Evers

The WEAC Board of Directors is recommending Dr. Tony Evers for State Superintendent.

The recommendation of Dr. Evers comes after candidate interviews, advancement by the WEAC Political Action Committee and member feedback. WEAC will begin sharing information about our recommended candidate with members in advance of the February 21 spring primary election.

In making its recommendation, the Board considered Dr. Evers’ strong Wisconsin Public Schools record. Under his leadership of the Department of Public Instruction, Dr. Evers has introduced solid solutions for school funding, promoted public schools for their role in providing opportunities to all children, and opened a larger role for educators and parents in state education decisions.

“Dr. Evers is a champion of public education and every Wisconsin student,” said Ron Martin, an eighth grade teacher and WEAC President. “He respects the roles of teachers and education support professionals in every decision that impacts students, and will continue to work tirelessly to restore public schools so they can provide opportunities to all students, no matter where in the state they live.”


MTEA School Board Endorsements

MTEA members have voted to endorse the following candidates for the Spring MPS School Board Election. The General Election will be held on Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

Annie Woodward – Recommended for District 4
Annie Woodward has been the most consistent vote on the MPS School Board for our students and our members. She helped lead the Raise Up EA campaign, supported the salary schedule for our teacher unit, and is active in both MPS schools and the community. Annie Woodward has been on our side and continues to be on our side as we fight for not only better school conditions, but also against the privatization schemes from the state.

Larry Miller – Recommended for District 5
Larry Miller has been a leader on the MPS school board fighting for social justice. As the author of the Black Lives Matter resolution, Larry tirelessly advocates for racial justice for our students, our families, and our members. He has been a positive voice for our members concerns.

Tony Baez – Recommended for District 6
Tony Baez is a nationally known leader in the movement for bilingual education. As the former leader of Centro Hispano, Tony is committed to fighting for Milwaukee Public Schools and would be a strong voice on the MPS School Board as the expected attacks from the State Legislature come. He has been and continues to be a stalwart advocate for public school students, parents, and educators.

Joey Balistreri and Paula Phillips – Recommended for District 7
Joey Balistreri and Paula Phillips are strong candidates for the MPS School Board. Joey, who has an adopted special needs child, is running to push for the quality education, strong programs and the rights of special needs students. Joey is a former elementary school teacher in Florida and served as the building representative of his school at that time. Paula is committed to fighting for quality bilingual education. The daughter of Filipino immigrants and a first generation college graduate. Paula is focused on protecting the rights of our immigrant students. Both candidates are very pro-union and pro-public education, and if elected, have expressed a desire to work closely with the MTEA to help MPS and the Milwaukee community as a whole.


2017 Spring Primary In-Person Absentee Voting Feb. 6 – Feb. 17

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