MTEA Endorsements

2018 Spring Election

The spring primary will be held Tues., April 3. 

In-Person Absentee Voting Has Begun!
In person absentee voting for the 2018 Spring Primary ends on March 30.

Vote at the City of Milwaukee Election Commission, 200 E. Wells Street, Room 501, Mon. through Fri. 8am – 4:30pm from 10am-2pm.



WEAC Recommends Rebecca Dallet for Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

The WEAC Political Action committee noted that Dallet:

• Has 10 years judicial experience.
• Supports stronger judicial recusal rules.
• Believes unions play an important role in today’s workplace.
• Believes a right to a public education is a core value.
• Believes courts should stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves.
• Is concerned with the use of outside special interest money to buy seats on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Find out more about Judge Dallet on her website: Rebecca Dallet


Vote NO on the Treasurer Ballot Initiative!

Wisconsin voters are being presented with a ballot initiative to remove the Office of State Treasurer from our State Constitution. If this initiative passes, Scott Walker would replace the Treasurer which oversees four public school trust funds. This consolidation of power would eliminate oversight of taxpayer dollars and be another blow to our public schools, libraries, UW system, public lands, and local parks.

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MTEA Members have Recommended the following County Board Supervisor Candidates:

County Board Supervisor – District 1
Casey Shorts

County Board Supervisor – District 2
Sequanna Taylor

County Board Supervisor – District 5
Marcelia Nicholson

County Board Supervisor – District 7
Felesia Martin

County Board Supervisor – District 12
Peggy West

County Board Supervisor – District 18
Sparkle Ashley

2018 Spring Primary In-Person Absentee Voting ends on March 30

Find out which district you live in

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Vote for our students, vote for our community, and vote for our profession!

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