School Calendars

2017-18 MPS School Year Calendars

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE: Due to the snow day on February 9, 2018, schools with students in grades 9-12 will not meet the DPI minimum requirement of 1137 hours of instruction for the school year. As such, these schools will be required to make up the instructional day that we lost due to the inclement weather.  Schools with students in grades 9-12 will have their last student instructional day for the year pushed back one day, and the Professional Development Day scheduled at the end of the year will become Records Day.
In other words:
  • For these schools, May 21, 2018, will be the last student instructional day and May 22, 2018, will be Records Day.
  • Final Opportunity to Demonstrate Proficiency Days will be May 17, 18, and 21.

Here are the MPS school year calendars:

2017-18 Pay Schedule

Teachers (191-Day Work Year)

Accountant/Bookkeepers, Librarians, Nurses, and Social Workers (200-Day Work Year)

Educational Assistants (Paraprofessionals, Safety Assistants, etc.) (187-Day Work Year)

Substitute Teachers (Bi-weekly pay schedule 2017-18) Additional pay for substitute teachers begins on the 21st day in an assignment. The additional pay is on a four (4) week hold back which is different from the usual two (2) week hold back for regular assignments.

2017-18 Educational Assistant Workdays

Educational assistants can use the list below to see which non-student days are workdays. For a full work-year summary (including holidays and breaks), click on your individual calendar (early start or traditional).

Early Start calendar – Non-student days at a glance

April 20 – workday

May 21-22 – workdays

Traditional calendar – Non-student days at a glance

April 20 – workday

June 11 – 12 – workdays