MTEA Committees

MTEA committees address a wide range of membership issues and interests.  Some are newer, created to help reinvent our union; some are established committees continuing to address professional concerns; others help carry out the democratic processes of union.

All MTEA members are invited to join one (or more) of our union’s committees and advocate groups. Committees and advocate groups meet once a month or every other month, meetings are posted on our website. Use the form at the bottom of this page to sign up as an advocate and/or committee member on any of the following committees:

Advocates (open to all members)

Democracy Advocates – Organizes and informs members in your school about elections, legislative issues, and political actions.

Teaching and Learning Advocates – Works on issues of curriculum, pedagogy, and professional development.

Committees (open to all members)

Art Educators – Advocates for art education in the district.

Balloting – Counts general membership votes on political candidate endorsements, election of NEA RA delegates, etc.

Bilingual/ESL – Focuses on issues and trends affecting students and educators in bilingual and ELL classes. This committee usually meets at Centro Hispano, 614 W. National.

Budget – Prepares and recommends an annual program budget and dues for our union.

Constitution – Drafts amendments into proper format with pros and cons and makes recommendations to the MTEA Executive Board.

Early Childhood – Works to improve early childhood education in the district.

Educator Effectiveness – Focuses on the new teacher evaluation procedure and monitors its effectiveness.

Legislative – Studies and recommends positions on legislation affecting MTEA members.  Helps develop campaigns on specific bills, including organizing membership involvement.

Nominating – Recruits candidates for MTEA Officer and Executive Board positions.

Political Action Committee – Interviews candidates for local offices to determine endorsement recommendations and distributes PAC funds.

Security and Discipline – Focuses on addressing safety, security, and discipline issues.

Social Activities – Organizes social functions for MTEA members in order to have fun and network across the district.

Special Education – Focuses on identifying and addressing issues related to special education students and instruction.

EA Committees (open to Educational Assistant members only)

Budget – Develop recommendations for EA leaders to present to the Joint Budget Committee.  (EA)

Constitution – Drafts amendments affecting EAs only into proper format with pros and cons and makes recommendations to the MEAA Executive Council. (EA)

Educational Opportunities – Will focus on seeking (and planning) workshops and inservices/courses specifically for EAs.  (EA)

Membership – Focuses on membership campaign ideas with the MEAA Chairperson as the key person to carry out a personal approach.  (EA)

Special Education – Identifies and addresses issues of paraprofessionals who work with special education students. (EA)

Retiree Committees (open to MTEA Retired Members only)

Events and Programs – Develops and implements informational events, presentations, and member events

Membership – Develops methods for increasing new members and accounting

Volunteerism – Develops programs and opportunities for services in support of education, MTEA-R, and MTEA

Member Support – Develops and implements programs that directly support teaching and learning in MPS.

If you are handicapped or allergic to a food, please let us know. Many times are meetings maybe held in our lower level and require members to go down stairs. Regarding food allergies, snacks maybe provided at times.