MPS Art Teachers Team Up with Local Artists in Support of Public Education


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All blog photo taken by Joe Brusky.

Last weekend, over 150 people, screen printed and painted over 600 banners, signs, and posters; all in the name of public education. The Milwaukee Art Build for Public Education took place above Company Brewing in the Riverwest neighborhood over a three-day span beginning February 3.

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A dedicated group of Milwaukee Public School art teachers convened several meetings with local artists to brainstorm and create images and slogans to be used in support of:

  • Closing the MPS Funding Gap that currently puts MPS students thousands of dollars behind their suburban counterparts in per pupil funding.

“Close the MPS Funding Gap” image created by Milwaukee artist Nicolas Lampert created using a photograph taken by Joe Brusky.

“Organize” image created by MPS art teacher John Fleissner.

  • A robust expansion of the public Community Schools model that has already brought seven schools to Milwaukee.

“Schools for Community, Not Profit” image by Milwaukee artist Pete Railand.

"Whose Schools? Our Schools!" banner image by Milwaukee artist Susan Simensky-Bietela.

“Whose Schools? Our Schools!” banner image by Milwaukee artist Susan Simensky-Bietila.

“Public Schools – Heart of the Community” image by John Fleissner.

  • Racial and educational justice for our students and our communities.

“Black Lives Matter” banner designed by Nicolas Lampert using photo taken by Joe Brusky.

  • Democratically controlled and accountable school boards elected by the people of Milwaukee.
Image designed by John Fleissner.

Image designed by John Fleissner.

“Community Schools Build Democracy” image created by Nicolas Lampert.

“Community Schools Build Democracy” banner designed by Nicolas Lampert using photo taken by Joe Brusky.

Check out these photos of the Art Build in action and watch for the pieces created to start showing up in front of a school or in a street near you, especially as debate around the new 2-year Wisconsin state budget heats up.

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A children’s corner was set up during the Art Build.

Thank you to all those who volunteered their time to make this happen. A very special thanks to the following local artists for creating the stunning images used in the Art Build:

Susan Simensky-Bietila

Nicolas Lampert

John Fleissner

Pete Railand

Raoul Deal

Jazzica Jazzner

Thank you to the MPS art teachers on the Art Build Organizing Committee:

Allyson Craft – Clarke Street

Sue Pezanoski-Brown – Fratney Elementary

John Fleissner – Hamilton High School

Liz Kremer – Brown Street

Gina Jorgensen – North Division High School


Check out this time lapse video below of one of the 24-foot parachute banners being painted over a span of 8 hours.

Milwaukee Art Build for Public Education Parachute Timelapse from MTEA Union on Vimeo.