Why I Resigned from the MPS Takeover Advisory Council

Statement given to the press by MTEA president Kim Schroeder–May 10, 2016


County Executive, Chris Abele and Dr. Means invited me to sit on the OSPP Advisory Council. When they first approached me, there was a plan on the table to use an empty MPS building to develop an early childhood program that would be used as a feeder into MPS. I was assured that my participation would be an opportunity to influence the policy and implementation of that plan.

I thought my role was to help develop and improve that plan to move into an empty building in MPS. Instead, Dr. Means brought a proposal the school board that was different than what was ever discussed and without sharing the plan ahead of time with the advisory council.

In addition, Dr. Means’ public statements have been inconsistent at best and I cannot continue to sit on the advisory council that is designed to rubber stamp policies that serve an unjust law and will hurt the children and families of Milwaukee Public Schools–therefore, I am resigning from the OSPP Advisory Council.

MTEA President Resigns from MPS Takeover Advisory Board from MTEA Union on Vimeo.