State Sen. Chris Larson will run for Milwaukee County Executive against Chris Abele


State Senator Chris Larson announced today that he will run for Milwaukee County Executive against Chris Abele. Abele’s participation in the Republican-backed takeover of public schools in Milwaukee is expected to be a key issue in the race.

Former Abele supporters have come out strongly in favor of Larson, including Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Moore told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: “I’ve been very, very disappointed that Chris Abele has really not met my expectations in terms of providing these (social) services and doing it in a democratic way. It pains me because I like Chris Abele. He’s smart, but I think he’s a benevolent dictator.”

The MTEA will endorse a candidate in January, after meeting with any candidate who wishes to be considered for endorsement.

MTEA president Kim Schroeder said, “This election will give voters a chance to voice their opinion on the public school takeover and what role, if any, the Milwaukee county executive should play in the day-to-day operation of our education system. No one has asked parents, students or educators in Milwaukee whether we want our public schools taken over. It’s time for our elected officials to listen to the people of Milwaukee.”

Senator Chris Larson Announces Run for Milwaukee County Executive from MTEA Union on Vimeo.