MTEA Leader Election April 17-24

All MTEA members vote in April 17-24 leader election

Elections for MTEA officers and executive board will be held from noon on April 17 through noon on April 24. Elections will be held for the office of treasurer, primary teacher unit representative, and high school teacher unit representative. (All other candidates are running unopposed and therefore no election is held for those positions.)

Members from all four MTEA bargaining units (teachers, educational assistants, substitutes and bookkeepers) vote for the treasurer position. Only teacher unit members at the primary and high school level vote for executive board. (Special education teachers do not vote for the primary and high school reps.)

Our first electronic election! Vote online or by phone

For the first time, we are conducting our union leader election electronically. To participate, you will need a voting registration code, which will be sent to all members via email from Vote-Now. (Members who do not have an email on file with the MTEA office will receive a postcard in the mail with the voting registration code.) Do not share your voting registration code with anyone. Your code can only be used one time.

When the election starts, you will be able to click here to vote online. You will need to enter your voter registration code when prompted. To vote by phone, dial (888) 997-6533 and at the prompt, enter your voter registration code.

On your ballot, there are links to the biographies of the candidates. Candidate information is also emailed to all MTEA members.

Once voting starts, if you need help with the ballot system, please contact or call 888-993-9801.