March 18 event will address over-testing, school takeovers

National education expert Diane Ravitch will speak to hundreds of parents, educators, students and community supporters on Wednesday, March 18 at 6pm at MATC’s Cooley Auditorium.

Ravitch, one of the country’s foremost experts on testing and school privatization, couldn’t come at a better time. Controversial budget and school takeover bills are in play in the Wisconsin state legislature. The proposed budget cuts public education by $127 million, as Republicans continue their strategy of labeling schools “failing” on the basis of test scores to justify school takeovers.

Battles are also heating up around the Smarter Balanced assessment and other tests. As the video below shows, testing has nearly tripled since the passage of “No Child Left Behind,” and nearly a third of teachers’ time is now spent on testing and preparation.

Educators, parents, students and community members are invited to bring a group from your school or organization to hear Ravitch’s talk. Together we can learn how to stop over-testing our kids, increase quality learning time, and end school takeover attempts. Click here for a flyer you can use to invite others.

Fill out the form below to register your group. Any group with 10 or more participants will receive free tickets! Single tickets are $5, available at the MTEA office.

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