Take action now against public school takeovers

stop the takeover

Republican state legislators are promoting bills that will punish and take over many of our poorest, most segregated and under-resourced schools and will affect our entire school system. It is critical for parents, students, educators and community members work together to mount a massive fight to protect and improve our public schools.

Here are some important points you can share with others:
  • Assembly Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1 will weaken accountability at voucher and privately run charter schools, and could result in a large-scale takeover of public schools. Privatized schools would no longer be locally controlled, but would answer to unelected boards in Madison appointed by the Governor and others.
  • Under AB 1, more than half of MPS schools could be turned over to private companies to operate.
  • These bills offer no support to schools or communities that are struggling with high rates of poverty and segregation.
Here is what you can do to help:
  • Sign the petition to STOP the Takeover of Milwaukee Public Schools.
  • Talk with parents, family, and co-workers and share the important points above.
  • Invite parents, colleagues and students to a large community strategy session on February 7 from 9am-12:30pm at MATC downtown. At this event, participants will learn more about the bills being proposed, and attend workshops on subjects such as: special needs vouchers, bilingual education, school safety, community schools, how to mobilize parents and students, and using social media in our fight. Some of the workshops will be conducted bilingually or in Spanish.
  • Click here for a flyer in English and Spanish that you can give to concerned parents and students.
  • Click here to RSVP to attend the February 7 strategy session. Bring a delegation of parents, educators and students from your school community.
  • Click here to contact your legislator and let them know you oppose AB 1 and SB 1. Talking points are also available at this link.

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